Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rue Issue 5!

How can you not love this mag?

This modern-farm-inspired house is making me all happy and dreamy...

Love the curtain in the back! I may have to try this...

How great are these party/wedding ideas? Simple and clean with a touch of flair.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crafty time! Confetti System

Who doesn't love these fabulous piƱatas and tassel banners that have been showing up at all the most quirky and fashionable weddings and events around? They're made by the Confetti System and everything about them makes me want to throw a party. The problem is... well, they're a bit on the spendy side. So it's time to use their inspiration to make a few of our own!

A special thanks to The Selby for most of these pics and Okapikat for the great How-To.

Crafty time! Pennant Banner

I've seen these all over the place lately so I decided to try to make one on my own. Here's the result:

How to:
Step 1:Find pieces of paper/materials in colors you like. I chose brown craft paper, pink card stock, ivory tissue and foil to have a good mix of textures in colors that looked nice together. 
Step 2: Find a nice piece of string, thin rope or twine
Step 3: Cut out all the papers in same-size triangles
Step 4: Place glue on the top of the triangle in a thin line. 
Step 5: Fold over the top of the triangles over the string, gluing the top strip to the lower-top part of the triangle with the sting inside. 
Step 6: Trim the little over hangs at the top from each side. 
Step 7: Repeat with the rest of your triangles evenly spaced out and you're done!

Loving RUE Issue 4

After the death of Domino (RIP) I, like many others, have been keeping my eye out for the equivalent- be in in print or digital form. After getting hooked on Lonny mag, I've now set my sites on rue. And let me tell you- I have not been disappointed. Check out the fabulousness.


love the ghost chairs with the rustic table

i wish i was at this party.

chalkboard paint walls with frames! love this.

Crafty Time! Geronimo Balloons

Time for some balloon fun...

How to:
Step 1: Buy large (36" balloon) inflated
Step 2: Take home and tie as many fun embellishments on as possible!
Step 3: Enjoy!!

If you're not feeling so crafty and want to order these bad boys, here's her site:GERONIMO BALLOONS

And her cute video!